The challenge for Whale and Dolphin Conservation was to grow and develop its UK supporter base by using insights about its target audience’s range of values and needs.

We used workshops to take WDC on the journey of engaging stakeholders right across the organisation from the start of the project, ensuring buy-in to its potential from the top and across its disciplines.  At the reporting stage, we ran further workshops consisting of a series of exercises to bring the emerging audience segments alive and to ensure that stakeholders understood how to apply the segments for better decision making within their own specialisms.

As well as segment pen portraits which focus upon opportunities, we also produced a segment allocation tool.  This was used to engage staff and has the potential to allow segments to be mapped to individuals across WDC’s supporter databases.

Insights have so far been used in the development and targeting of two major campaign themes, ensuring that these are positioned with the needs and values of the target segments to the fore.

“The work Decision House has done for us has been outstanding.  It has been the most useful, and best value research we could have asked for and has helped us completely rethink how we reach out to new audiences.”   

Ed Fox, Director of Marketing & Communications