Historic Royal Palaces needed to evaluate the impact of its major Superbloom event held in the Tower of London moat during 2022 among visitors in terms of:

  • Effectiveness in driving a diverse range of visitors to the Tower of London
  • Delivering a high quality, value for money experience for visitors
  • Generating learning and social outcomes for visitors, particularly increasing connection with nature and the environment
  • Generating HRP mission – ‘space for spirits to stir and be stirred’ – and brand outcomes among visitors, including a better understanding of and favourability towards HRP 

A combination of on-site visitor profiling surveys and post-visit experience surveys were used to understand the profile of event visitors, motivations for visiting, their experience at Superbloom and importantly, the impact of the event on the attitudes and future behaviour of visitors.  Vox Pops were also used to highlight the key impacts on visitors to wider audiences – both internally and externally.

Insights have been used to inform future events in the Moat at the Tower of London and also more widely to inform the design of other events and activities across Historic Royal Palaces’ portfolio of sites.