To identify the latest trends in destinations, trip taking behaviour and attitudes among both its UK and US target markets, Audley have conducted a large scale online survey among its clients and enquirers each year.  Usually run in-house, in 2017 Decision House advised on a significant overhaul of the questionnaire as well as introducing analysis techniques which uncovered new insights which will help further develop Audley’s market strength.  Results were presented in the form of a SWOT analysis, including the identification of a unique market positioning.

“The insight provided by Decision House both in the redesign of the questionnaire, and analysis and interpretation of the results have proved invaluable. Throughout the process we appreciated their collaborative and open approach to the research. We now have a much clearer perspective of how consumers see Audley in relation to our competitors in the UK and US markets. Decision House were also able to identify a strong brand value which we’ll now give more prominence to in our communications.”

Jim Millward