Audley’s challenge was to understand the patterns of repeat bookings among their UK and US clients and to identify the actions required to maximise this potential.  Insights were derived from two phases; firstly a CHAID analysis of customers on Audley’s database to identify the customer types most likely to repeat book and secondly a series of telephone depth interviews with clients who had rejected an Audley quote.  Insights informed customer targeting by identifying customer types with strongest potential for repeat booking, crystallised the organisation’s brand positioning and values, assisted decision-making in the areas of product and destination portfolio and identified training needs for the organisation’s travel specialists.

“Steve worked with us closely on this project from start to finish, making many recommendations to produce a truly insightful outcome. He is equally happy working with the team as much as presenting confidently to the Board. As a result of his work, we have adapted our sales process and destination offering to provide an even better service for our clients. Steve was a pleasure to work with and I can thoroughly recommend him.”

Loic Robertson, Digital and Marketing Director, Audley Travel