Following the easing of Covid-19 restrictions and the re-opening of visitor attractions in 2020, we set up, in partnership with ALVA, the Visitor Recovery Benchmarking programme.  This visitor survey research enabled individual attractions to understand the reaction of their own visitors to safety measures in place and how their visitor profile, motivations and the visit experience itself were changing over time following re-opening.

A syndicate of 44 attractions initially took part in the survey from July to December 2020 (with over 40,000 survey responses received) and a second wave of research is continuing to run between January and October 2021.  The survey is conducted online, with results updated regularly via an interactive online dashboard.  Attractions can view their own results as well as benchmarking against other individual attractions or groups of similar attractions.  We have also produced bespoke insight reports for many of the participating attractions, pulling out key insights and implications for their organisation.