In response to the Covid-19 outbreak we are running a public attitude survey on behalf of ALVA, designed to monitor how potential visitors are feeling about returning to visitor attractions when they re-open.  The sector and individual attractions are using the insights to help build trust and confidence among their potential visitors, not just so that attractions can get back on their feet quickly, but also maintain this recovery over a sustained period.  It addresses two of the major questions that attraction operators are likely to have when re-opening:

  1. What should attractions be physically offering (or not offering / keeping closed) to build public confidence in visiting?
  2. What messages should attractions be putting out there to help build public confidence and show themselves in a positive light?

We are looking at how this public feeling varies across different types of attraction, different geographies across the UK and by different demographics, so that individual attractions can look at the insights which are most relevant to them.

Insights will provide evidence to feed some of the conversations already happening around re-opening.  However, it’s a rapidly changing situation and public attitudes are likely to evolve in reaction to this, so we will be running the survey periodically as the time for re-opening nears and in the period after re-opening, as the public reacts to the reality of the new visiting environments.